Wellington Community Assessment

Wellington Community Assessment
The title of this report, as presented by DCI, is Wellington Community Assessment (PDF).

Economic development is only one part of a multi-pronged approach to the proposed development of the downtown community. The report is broken into 4 recommendation segments involving:
  1. Management and Organization
  2. Marketing and Promotion
  3. Economic Development and Restructuring
  4. Physical Improvements and Design
It goes further into discussing funding mechanisms to implement these recommendations and the relationship of stakeholders involved within the community.

Management Emphasis
The very beginning of this report focuses on discussing the importance of an organizational structure that will be needed for development and revitalization of the downtown corridors. It emphasizes, in terms of such management:
  • Collaboration efforts
  • Recruitment of volunteers
  • Fundraisers for the organization
  • Development of strategies
  • Communication among stakeholders
As stated in the report, “The idea is to get everyone working toward the same goals by assembling the appropriate human and financial resources to work toward a revitalization of the downtown corridors."

Engaged Citizens
To this extent, a group of engaged citizens, residing and working in the town, have made a concerted effort to implement such an organizational structure by forming the Wellington Colorado Main Streets Program (WCMSP) whose mission is to promote, enhance, and develop downtown Wellington for the benefit of its inhabitants, businesses, and visitors.

In November 2014, Executive Director Wendy DuBord was hired to help accomplish the goals of Main Street. Wendy is working with the four committees on expanding membership, developing local and regional partnerships, marketing and promotion, beautification projects and sponsoring and planning special events.