About our Organization

Wellington Fire Protection District is a statutory special district governed by an elected five-member Board of Directors. The elected, five-member Board of Directors provides direction to the Fire Chief. Although a separate governmental entity, the District works closely with the Town of Wellington and Larimer County. 

Wellington Fire Protection District has grown to a combination department with over 50 paid and volunteer personnel providing fire suppression, rescue, extrication, hazardous materials, emergency medical, public education, and risk reduction services to 288 square miles. 

What is our Mission:
  • Reduce response times and enhance services
  • Improve the current ISO (Fire Protection Class) rating.
  • Improved/advanced training and safety for variable and evolving emergencies.
What services does the District Provide: 
  • Fire Protection
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Traffic Accident Response
  • Public Education
  • Fire & Life Safety Business Inspections
  • Car Seat Safety Checks & Installations
  • Wildland Fire and Urban Interface
  • Hazardous Materials Response
WFPD District Map Update Oct. 23