Burn Permit Types

General Open Burn Permit:

Residents in all other areas of Larimer County must obtain a General Open Burn Permit for mountain slash piles. The open burn period 'season' is from October 1 thru May 1, and is ALWAYS dependent upon favorable conditions existing before ignition can occur. These General Open Burn Permits have a limit of 50 slash piles or less per year. Slash is defined as clean, dry branches four inches or less in diameter, not containing other smoke producing materials. Applications will not be processed until one week before the start of the open burn period.

Specialty Burn Permit:

Specialty Burn Permit must be obtained for conducting agricultural ditch burns, bonfires, or other fires containing non-prohibited materials. These types of permits are reviewed by the local fire department. Attaching digital photos for review of material types and specific safety guidelines is encouraged and may expedite the permitting process.

For additional information on Burn Permits visit: Larimer Couitnty Burn Permit Information
To apply for a Burn Permit: Burn Permit Application Form