Wellington Fire Permits and Inspections

Wellington Fire Protection District's Fire Prevention Division reviews plans as a proactive step to identify any potential problems or code violations and ensure compliance with the relevant adopted fire codes and standards.  Before the Fire Prevention Division can issue a permit, the applicant proposing the structure, system, building modification or operation, must submit plans for review.  

Quick List Requirements (Detailed information provided below):

  • Completed Plan Review Application
  • Two sets of plans
  • Related Material Cut Sheets and Calculations

The Fire Protection District requires that applications submitted for the following projects:

  • Commercial Building
  • Multifamily Building
  • Tenant Finish
  • Fire Sprinkler/Fire Alarm Systems/Underground Fire Lines (Commercial, Multifamily, Attached Single Family)
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression System
  • Change in Occupancy requires review by WFPD
  • Construction/Modifications to building, rooms or areas requires review by WFPD
  • Site/Project Development (no application required, but WFPD requires site plans, in order to provide feedback on Fire Department Access water supply) and any additional special requirements

Submitting Plans for Review:
Complete the Plan Review Application and submit (with two sets of plans) to our office located at 8130 3rd. Street (office entrance located on McKinley Ave) or to Everitt Pettit at epettit@wfpd.org

  • Please note: Fire Protection/Fire Alarm System Plan Reviews require plans and material cut sheets. Sprinkler plans also require hydraulic calculation for each design area. “Cut Sheets” Cut sheets include ALL equipment, parts and materials the contractor will use to install the Fire Protection/Fire Alarm System.  Cut Sheets must include required hydraulic calculations and procedural manuals.

Plan Review and Pick Up:
Plans are reviewed on a first-in, first-out basis, with plan review turnaround time depending largely on the amount of construction taking place in the jurisdiction at the time the plan is submitted. Our goal is to conduct all plan reviews within 15 working days; however, we reserve the option of a longer completion time depending upon the complexity and size of the project being reviewed. The review process does not begin until all components of the submittal are received and complete.  Payment by check will be required at time of permit pick up.  Checks may be made out to “WFPD”. 

Final Inspection:
All permits that are related to the project, must be issued, signed off, and on the job site BEFORE final inspection is requested.  Final inspections that are requested before this has occurred, and work that is done without a permit, may be subject to fines according to the 2018 International Fire Code. Inspectors will always try to accommodate all requests for inspections in a timely manner, but at least two business days advance notice is required for inspection scheduling. Before calling in an inspection, please be sure to read and comply with all conditions stated on the permit and/or within the plan review letter. Failure to comply with those requirements may result in a failed initial inspection and may also necessitate a future inspection, for which additional re-inspection fees will be charged.

We're Here to Help:
If you have an inspection related question, please contact Everitt Pettit at epettit@wfpd.org. For questions relating to permits contact Ashley Macdonald at amacdonald@wfpd.org.

Printable Documents:
Plan Review Process
Plan Review Application
Fire Prevention Inspection Fee Schedule  (Effective August 2, 2017)