Neighborhood Services


The Town's Neighborhood Service Office responds to complaints regarding municipal code violations that affect the safety and quality of life for residents in our community. This is achieved through a combination of education, communication, helpful resources, enforcement and assistance in referring reports and concerns to appropriate local partnerships. Such as Larimer County Sheriff's Office or the NOCO Humane (formerly Larimer Humane Society)

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News and Updates

Winters in Colorado often have unpredictable weather patterns. As a reminder, every owner or occupant of any premises within the Town abutting a street and having a sidewalk adjacent to the street is responsible for keeping the sidewalk clean of snow and ice. 

All snow and ice must be removed within twenty-four (24) hours of accumulation. Municipal Code Section 11-1-20.

Common Code Violations 

All weeds and lawn grasses must be kept at a height of no more than 6 inches. 

Received a Notice of Violation or Friendly Reminder? 

You’ve received a Friendly Reminder or Notice of Violation letter. Now what?

    • The Town's Neighborhood Services Officer starts by issuing a Friendly Reminder or Notice of Violation to the property owner. 
    • Upon receiving the notice, the concern or violation needs to be remedied. The Town is seeking voluntary compliance and will work with property owners to achieve a resolution. Please communicate any completion, or progress being made towards achieving compliance with the Neighborhood Services Office. 
    • Please note once the concern or violation is resolved, you will not receive further notices if the compliance is maintained.


Report a Concern

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