Comprehensive Plan 

The Town of Wellington Comprehensive Plan is a guiding document crafted through community input to provide a 20+ year vision for the Town's future. The goal of comprehensive planning is to align that vision with expected growth of the community, ensuring the community's values, resources, and infrastructure are properly planned.

Final Plan Adopted

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Planning Commission on August 2, 2021. Click here to view the adopted version of the plan. 

Click here to watch the Planning Commission meeting where the Comprehensive Plan was adopted.

Comprehensive Plan Second Draft

Please click here to view the revised Comprehensive Plan second draft.

Final Plan Adoption Timeline: 

The timeline of review and final public comment was as follows:
June 7 - Work Session (Planning Commission and Steering Committee)
June 18 - Public Release of Revised Draft
June 22 - Board of Trustees Presentation
July 12 - Planning Commission Public Hearing
August 2 - Planning Commission adopted Comprehensive Plan 

Community Vision and Pillars

Understanding the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code Update process

This planning process will start with a Comprehensive Plan (the Plan) looking at all facets of the community, including but not limited to: managing growth; land use and development patterns; major infrastructure and facilities planning; attraction of commercial development (including development and redevelopment downtown); resource allocation (including looking at recommendations to maximize water supply); transportation; park and open space management; and regional coordination.

​​The Land Use Code will serve as the regulatory tool to implement the principles and policies identified in the Comprehensive Plan. Once finalized, the two components of this planning effort will enable the Town’s governing bodies in their decision-making, to move policy and development forward in a purposeful and productive way.​

Project Timeline

Sept. Wellington comp plan

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