Welcome to the Town of Wellington's Building Department Website. We strive to provide quality customer service in a timely and courteous manner and earn the respect of the residents and contractors. Please visit Wellington's Homeowners website, or the Contractor website for the next steps in your project or to access Community Core for online permitting. 

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Hello Contractors and Homeowners,

Please welcome Joe Jaramillo with Fire Marshal Services. Joe and his team are now providing plan review and inspections for the Wellington Fire Protection District. Please Email Joe at for WFPD applications or permitting questions. Wellington has adopted the 2023 National Electric Code. SAFEbuilt, the Town’s partner for building plan review and inspection services, will stamp and review plans/projects accordingly. A copy of the NFPA 70, 2023 National Electric Code is available at the Wellington Public Library, or at the Wellington Municipal Services Building for reference during regular hours.

As a friendly reminder to contractors, please continue to keep recycling containers and materials on site, and off streets and sidewalks. Also, please remember to maintain weed control (less than 6”) and debris removal on all lots. We appreciate your efforts to provide safe and clean projects in Wellington.

Thank you for working and communicating with the Building Department team!


Kelly Dykstra Building Official

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Code Cycle Information

The Town of  Wellington has adopted the 2018 International Code Cycle for our building standards. Below are Frequently Referenced Local Amendments as well as a helpful link to the ICC International Code Councils website.

Municipal Code 

2020 National Electric Code 

2020 International Energy Code 

2018 International Building Code (commercial buildings)

  • Ordinance 5-2019 Building Code Adoption PDF File 
  • Ordinance 8-2019 Establishing Building Fees PDF File 
  • Electrical Permit Fees PDF File

Frequently Referenced Local Amendments

  • International Plumbing Code - 2018 Edition PDF File 
  • International Mechanical Code - 2018 Edition PDF File
  • International Fuel Gas Code - 2018 Edition PDF File 
  • International Existing Building Code - 2018 Edition PDF File 
  • International Property Maintenance Code - 2018 Edition PDF File 
  • International Fire - 2018 Edition Amended  PDF File

2018 International Residential Code (1 and 2 single family dwellings, townhomes & their accessory structures)

  • Article 2 International Residential Code Amendments PDF File

ICC Website - Click on ICC Logo  

ICC  Opens in new window

Adopted Code References

IBC 2018

2018 IBC

IRC 2018

2018 IRC

IECC 2018

2018 IECC

IEBC 2018


IMC 2018

2018 IMC

IPC 2018

2018 IPC

IFC 2018

2018 IFC

IFGC 2018

2018 IFGC

IPMC 2018


Climatic & Geographic Design Criteria 

Local Design Criteria 

The Town of Wellington has adopted the 2018 International Residential Code with local amendments. All items below are reflected and noted in the adoption. 

Table R301.2 (1) Opens in new window

Click table for printable PDF File

Additional Information