What is a Land Use?

General land use categories identified in the Comprehensive Plan include:

Low Density Residential - A Single Family Home  

Medium Density Residential - Primarily single-family and a variety of attached homes (e.g., townhomes, duplexes, fourplexes, cottage courts, and apartments) no taller than 3 stories. 

Commercial - Various retail and services ranging from shopping areas, to gyms, hospitality, lodging, entertainment, medical, and social services. 

Mixed Use -  Primarily restaurants, offices, livework units, mid-rise apartments, condominiums, urban lodging, civic uses, public facilities, and cultural activities 

Downtown Neighborhoods - Primarily detached and attached single-family homes, backyard cottages, cottage courts, duplexes to fourplexes, and townhouses, no taller than 3 stories. 

Downtown Core - Primarily restaurants, specialty retail, offices, housing, urban lodging, and cultural activities, no taller than 3 stories.

Industrial - Primarily large format buildings for manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, distribution, and processing. Complementary uses may include research and development. 

Civic - Town buildings such as offices, the library, community center, and schools; government buildings such as post office and fire department; regional schools or research centers.

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