Land Use Code

The Land Use Code (LUC) was adopted by the Board of Trustees on March 22, 2022. The (LUC) is a set of regulations that guide how property is used and developed in Wellington. The purpose of the LUC is to protect landowner rights while also looking out for overall community interests. The LUC is a living document that changes over time to respond to new information and the needs of the community. The Planning Commission, Town staff, and subject matter experts are currently updating the Land Use Code to align with the community's vision laid out in the Comprehensive Plan, adopted August 2, 2021. To learn more about the Comprehensive Plan click here.

Land Use Code - Effective April 25, 2022

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Land Use Code Update Public Meetings 

March 7, 2022 - Planning Commission - Public Hearing: Consider Adoption of Land Use Code
March 8, 2022 - Board of Trustees - Present Draft Land Use Code
March 15, 2022 - Board of Trustees - Work Session on Draft Land Use CodeDone Editing
March 22, 2022 - Board of Trustees - Work Session on Draft Land Use Code 
March 22, 2022 - Board of Trustees - Public Hearing:  Consider Adoption of Land Use Code

For detailed meeting information click here to visit the agendas and minutes page. 

Submit Questions or Feedback 

To submit questions or feedback on the Land Use Code please click here. 

Wellington Downtown Neighborhood Survey - Results

Click here to view the results of the Downtown Character Survey. The Town of Wellington is working to update our Zoning and Subdivision regulations by combining the two sections in order to create a new unified Land Use Code.

"Zoning" is a set of zone districts that list uses and other requirements for each district and makes up one part of the Land Use Code currently being updated. Community members were invited to complete a survey to help define the character of the Downtown Neighborhoods.

The Land Use Code includes more than just zoning, it also provides a description of all uses, the processes that are available for development, and the standards for development. Your thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated.

The goal of the LUC update is…

  • Create more predictable standards and processes
  • Provide opportunities for innovative and quality development  
  • Update to be consistent with the community vision defined in the Comprehensive Plan 
  • Create a more user-friendly code  
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